Monday, November 28, 2016

For a Monday

It's Monday and Castro is STILL dead.

Shamed as he was with the Yazidis (whose priority status as refugees was found to be "disgusting"), PM Hair-Boy now finds himself shamed from attending the funeral of his favourite uncle, the man who presided over the terror and murder of the Cuban people:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not attend the funeral of Fidel Castro, his office said on Monday, days after Trudeau’s warm comments about the late Cuban leader sparked a backlash.

Governor General David Johnston, Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in Canada, will attend a commemoration in honour of Castro on Tuesday, at the request of Trudeau. 

Trudeau sparked fury and online mockery after he referred to Castro as a “remarkable leader” and expressed his sorrow at the death of “Cuba’s longest serving president”. The statement lauded Castro’s “accomplishments” but failed to acknowledge the dictator was both a revolutionary and a fascist, who oversaw a regime that include brutal repression of the Cuban people that still exists today.

This was Trudeau's Eamon de Valera moment and he failed big-time.

When the time comes, PM Hair-Boy will punish the Canadian people for their obstinate insistence that he certainly doesn't shed tears on their behalf for that Cuban murderer.

Can you say "tax hike", ladies and gentlemen?

Also - I was saying "Boo-uns!":

Trudeau booed at

Many are dead, including the suspect, after a killing spree in Ohio:

A man who drove a vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday and then used a butcher knife to attack them was shot and killed by police, officials said. Eleven people were treated at local hospitals for stab wounds or injuries from being struck by the vehicle; none of those injuries appear to be life-threatening.

The suspect was identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an OSU student of Somali descent. Law enforcement officials said they could not rule out terrorism as a motive. 

Yes, I see. It is never terrorism.

There must be some other motive that will reveal itself after many weeks of white-washing and deflection.

Also - I'm sure that Western feminists will be all over this:

The smiling woman on the daily Moroccan television show spoke to viewers as if it were any other makeup tutorial, comparing brands and hues of face foundation and demonstrating how to apply it.
Seated next to her was a woman with what appeared to be a black eye and bruises on her cheekbones.

“After the beating, this part is still sensitive, so don’t press,” the host said in Arabic as she applied makeup on the woman’s face, eventually concealing the woman’s bruises.

“Make sure to use loose powder to fix the makeup so if you have to work throughout the day, the bruises don’t show,” she said.

The makeup tutorial, aired last week on Moroccan state television, instructed viewers how to use concealer to “camouflage the traces of violence against women,” spurring outrage on social media that prompted an apology from the channel. The segment was broadcast two days before the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Guardian reported.

“It’s a subject we shouldn’t talk about, but unfortunately that’s what it is,” the segment’s host, Lilia Mouline, said in the tutorial. “We hope that these beauty tips help you carry on with your normal life.”

Before naming the various recommended beauty brands, Mouline reminded viewers that the apparent swelling and black and blue bruises around the woman’s eyes were depicted with makeup, and were not the result of real wounds. She suggested certain foundation tones for most effectively disguising a woman’s unfortunate “beating.”

A cursory reading of the Koran would tell one what Mohammad and his followers who are expected to follow his example feel about Christians and Christianity:

Indeed, as with all of Islam’s hostilities, animosity for the cross begins with Muhammad. He “had such a repugnance to the form of the cross that he broke everything brought into his house with its figure upon it”; he once ordered someone wearing a cross to “take off that piece of idolatry”; and he claimed that at the End Times, Isa (Islam’s version of Jesus) will make it a point to “break the cross” as proof that Christians had gotten it wrong all along.
(Sidebar: it is, after all, a symbol of a Jew's sacrifice for us.)

The Islamists are not alone in these sentiments. Leftists, angry at dad and stunned by Christianity's moral clarity, too, wish that they only had the courage to be as thuggish and intolerant as the raving Islamists forcing native Christians from their homes and places of worship.

Oh, that's a shock:

President Park Geun-hye will not comply with the prosecution’s call for a face-to-face questioning, her lawyer confirmed Monday, reiterating her earlier stance that she would rather face an incoming independent counsel probe.

While the prosecution made a last-minute attempt to connect the president to the extensive allegations involving her confidante Choi Soon-sil, political parties shifted their focus to constituting an independent counsel which will substitute the thwarted prosecutorial investigation.

“The president cannot cooperate with a face-to-face questioning on Nov. 29,” said Park’s legal representative Yoo Yeong-ha in a statement.

This refusal came just a day ahead of the prosecutors’ deadline.

If people who might have a debilitating condition wish to pay for an MRI, then who are the fascists in Ottawa to say that they can't?

Federal health minister Jane Philpott has written to her provincial counterpart, Jim Reiter, telling him she would like Saskatchewan to "put an end" to encouraging private payment for medical scans.

No one forced you to attend that particular college:

Davison would graduate from the evangelical Christian university in 2006 as the team’s top goal scorer, but her memories of TWU are forever tainted by that e-mail and its aftermath. For breaking the school’s community covenant agreement, which forbids all sex outside of heterosexual marriage, she lost her scholarship, went on behavioural probation and was temporarily barred from the soccer pitch.

“I was allowed back on the team, but it was a much different experience this time around. I felt like I was being watched,” she said. “I can’t remember the early days of being there and feeling like I was just a normal, regular part of the team.”

The TWU covenant is at the centre of an ongoing dispute over the school’s plans to open a law school. The Law Society of B.C. tried to deny accreditation to the school because the covenant doesn’t recognize legal same-sex marriages, but the province’s highest court recently found that stance infringed on the school’s freedom of religion.
You're not a victim, martyr or crusader.

Your lone voice in the wilderness does have a peculiar nasal quality to it, though.

And now, as we slowly wait for Christmas Day, let us ponder these unusual bits of trivia about some favourite holiday movies:


Films are known to change names to fit foreign markets. That’s nothing new. However, sometimes its nuance gets a little lost in translation. Case in point: the Czech Republic’s extremely literal, albeit accurate, title.

The Czech Republic seems to be blunt about these matters.

(Paws up)

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