Friday, November 25, 2016

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As we walk toward December...

The plot, it does thicken:

No, it isn't coincidence. It's graft.

Speaking of graft....

After initially refusing to say whether her family was under investigation for inaccurate information on her identity documents, a Liberal cabinet minister now says she isn't being probed by federal immigration officials.

"As far as I know, when an investigation takes place, folks are notified — that is not the case here," Democratic Reform Minister Maryam Monsef told reporters in Ottawa Thursday.

In responding to questions about her true country of birth, Monsef twice made the effort to point out that she is just an ordinary Canadian with an identity document issue and is dealing with that issue like anyone else might.

"Just like any other Canadian, when I realized that some corrections needed to be made to some paperwork l went on the immigration website," she said. "I'm going through that process and I will happily keep you folks updated as I go through it."

No, any other Canadian would be in trouble, you lying b!#ch. 

Unless every affluent white Ontario Liberal voter were to volunteer to go to Mars, the Liberals will not be kicked out of office nor will they be in irons as they ought to be:

Approval of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and her government is so low the Progressive Conservatives are in supermajority territory, a new poll shows.

The Tories would snap up 70 of the 107 seats at Queen’s Park if an election were imminent, the Forum Research phone survey of 1,184 people shows. The NDP would become the official opposition with 26 seats and the Liberals would hold just 11.

Shame might not be as great a motivator as one may think:

A manhunt is still underway for a gunman who held monks hostage:

French police searched Friday for a masked gunman suspected of stabbing an elderly woman to death in a retirement home for Catholic missionaries in southern France, authorities said.

An unusually large police operation was launched to search for the suspected attacker, believed to be armed with a shotgun and a knife. The identity of the assailant and motive for the killing were unclear.

The press service for the gendarmes, or military police, couldn’t say whether the incident was linked to a terrorist act. Security at religious and other sites has been increased after a string of Islamic extremist attacks on France.

Just in time for Christmas:

Five men arrested this week in two French cities were planning a terror attack in France as early as next week and were receiving their orders from an Islamic State group member based in Iraq or Syria, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said Friday.

The five were arrested on Sunday, four of them in the eastern city of Strasbourg, and one in the southern city of Marseille.

The great-grandmother of a boy terribly burned urged the parents to get medical help for him:

Bessie Lagerwerf said she had no reason to question her grand-daughter Amanda Dumont’s assessment of 20-month-old Ryker Daponte-Michaud’s injuries on the Victoria Day weekend 2014, just three days before the little boy died.

But Lagerwerf, a former nurse, still believed her precious little great-grandson needed medical treatment, and as she described to a Superior Court jury Thursday in London, she could be insistent.

Oh, this must be embarrassing:

A University of British Columbia professor who last week denounced a Toronto colleague for inciting hatred against a “precarious minority” of transgender people now stands accused of bullying heterosexual and bisexual students in her classroom.

Dr. Mary Bryson was speaking at a University of Toronto forum last Saturday about recent amendments that add “gender identity” and “gender expression” as protected grounds to the Canadian Human Rights Code and the Criminal Code.

In September, U of T psychology Professor Jordan Peterson spoke out against these amendments — they recently passed in the House of Commons — and vowed not to use the genderless pronouns they in effect mandate, saying such language rules are an assault on objectivity and biology.

Bryson compared him to the notorious Philippe Rushton, a Western University professor who years ago linked brain size to the alleged intellectual capacity of the races, and suggested Peterson had distributed “totally bogus claims” and was in “total dereliction of academic responsibility.”

But a former student of Bryson’s “Women’s Studies 425” course at UBC in 1991 says Bryson forced the students to declare their sexual orientation, liked to “spring violent pornography” on them and taught that “all sex with men is inherently violent.”

Never under-estimate the jackboot tactics of a leftist. Ever.

Just like these leftists:

A Russian human rights group has published a database containing personal information about nearly 40,000 members of the notorious security force that carried out Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s purges, shedding light on an ugly stretch of history the Kremlin would prefer to remain hidden.

The archive, culled from the records of Stalin’s security forces (the NKVD) and posted on the website of Memorial, the human rights group, for the first time names those who carried out some 700,000 executions from 1935 to 1939 during “The Great Terror.” Russian President Vladimir Putin has in recent years revised Stalin’s legacy, emphasizing the dictator’s role in defeating Nazi Germany in World War II and turning the Soviet Union into a world power.

The details of the purges, in which Communist Party leaders and rank-and-file citizens were summarily tried and convicted, usually on trumped-up charges, have been erased from school textbooks and public discourse.

“Until now, if anyone mentions the victims, it’s as though they were killed by a natural disaster like an earthquake or a tidal wave,” Yan Rachinsky of Memorial told The Washington Post on Thursday. “They were victims of crimes and those crimes were committed by people.”

The Kremlin had a much less enthusiastic response.

“I will leave this issue without comment. The issue is very sensitive,” Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.

(Sidebar: of course Putin would.)


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