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Investigations have found that the Palestinians have been storing rockets in UNWRA schools.

The federal Liberals are providing $25 million to a UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees that was cut off by the previous Conservative government for alleged ties to Hamas.

Make no mistake where the Trudeau government stands always.

Also in "they must be out of their g-d- minds!" news:

When the RCMP arrested Aldabous on a terrorism peace bond in September 2015, a search of his computer turned up materials, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant handbook, reflecting his support for what a court document called “the radical jihadist cause.”

But following his arrest, Aldabous went to see a psychologist and began counselling under the guidance of a prominent Toronto imam, Yousuf Badat. Now, fourteen months later, federal prosecutors have ended their case against him.

The peace bond was withdrawn at Toronto’s Old City Hall courthouse on Tuesday because the Crown felt that, due to the measures Aldabous had taken largely on his own initiative, there were no longer grounds to fear he would engage in terrorism.

Juxtapose that with this:

Canadian troops have engaged in a substantial number of clashes with Islamic State of Iraq and Levant gunmen in the last several weeks but commanders are still insisting such actions don’t rank as being part of a combat mission.

We need a revolution.

China -

- this China:


- tells Trump that "climate change" is not a hoax:

China couldn’t have invented global warming as a hoax to harm U.S. competitiveness because it was Donald Trump’s Republican predecessors who started climate negotiations in the 1980s, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said.

Yes, about that:

China, which recently announced a three year plan to increase coal capacity by a whopping 20%, an entire Canada worth of carbon emissions, should have been treated as a pariah by the global climate movement. Instead, they are being lauded as heroes and international leaders.


As the Democrat blamestorm gathers, billionaire green entrepreneur Tom Steyer, whose reported $75 million of support made him one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors, has suggested that his team should be put in charge of future political campaigns, to avoid the disastrous mistakes of 2016.

Bankroll that ideology!


So what is Trump's policy on North Korea? Before the election, he wanted to withdraw from the Korean Peninsula. Now, he appears to have made up with President Park.

The man had better make up his mind:

South Korea’s beleaguered President, Park Geun-hye is understandably terrified of this uncertainty and the risk that Trump’s election could endanger the country’s alliance with its long-standing security guarantor. For example, Victor Cha was quoted as suggesting that Trump might accelerate the transfer of operational control of alliance forces from the U.S. to South Korea. It’s a move first proposed by Donald Rumsfeld, but South Koreans have come to see it as a first step toward U.S. withdrawal. Nervous South Koreans have been trying to build bridges to Trump’s transition team, even as protesters have massed in the streets in an attempt to oust the first democratically elected South Korean President to have an effective North Korea policy since … ever. 

Park must have been relieved when, in a ten-minute telephone conversation, Trump promised that America would continue to be a “steadfast and strong” ally, would stick by Seoul “all the way,” would “never waver,” and would be “with you 100 percent.” Reports of the conversation between Park and Trump suggested that Trump had backed away from some of his more isolationist rhetoric, and reassured jittery South Koreans.


North Korea asks China to block (something at which they excel) any website that refers to North Korea's dynastic tyrant as Kim Fatty the Third:

Chinese websites are censoring “Kim Fatty the Third,” a nickname widely used to disparage North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, after officials from his country reportedly conveyed their displeasure in a meeting with their Chinese counterparts.

Searches for the Chinese words “Jin San Pang” on the search engine Baidu and microblogging platform Weibo returned no results this week.

Well, if I may point out that he is the third in the line of dictatorial succession and he is fat, so...

Trump has the audacity to eat supper with his family:

President-elect Donald Trump emerged from his New York skyscraper Tuesday night for the first time in days, moving about the nation’s largest city without a pool of journalists on hand to ensure the public has knowledge of his whereabouts.

Trump spent about two hours dining with family at the 21 Club, an exclusive restaurant a few blocks from his Trump Tower residence. Journalists were aware that Trump was leaving home only when they spotted a large motorcade pulling away from the building, including an ambulance with lights flashing.

The movement was a surprise given that Trump’s campaign had already called a “lid” — a signal to journalists that he would not be venturing out for the rest of the day. The practice is meant to ensure that journalists are on hand to witness, on behalf of the public, the activities of the president or president-elect, rather than relying on secondhand accounts.

Ladies and gentlemen, General William Tecumseh Sherman:

I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are. If I killed them all there would be news from Hell before breakfast.

William Tecumseh Sherman: a man before his time.

If they pull a placard, you pull a gun:

A worker, attempting to drive home (in a very slow and controlled manner) on his normal route, was interrupted by a handful of protesters getting in his way and screaming at him.
That's the North Dakota way!


Russia doesn't like to be reminded that Crimea is part of Ukraine:

Russia appeared on course Wednesday to become the latest nation to snub the International Criminal Court, sending a signal of defiance after a UN panel cited rights abuses and other complaints linked to Russia’s annexation of Crimea more than two years ago.

Should the UN ponder why it let Russia have a permanent seat on its security council?

And now, strange ice cream flavours. Enjoy.

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