Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Crybaby Speaks

After gushing his undying love for a man who imprisoned his people, PM Hair-Boy, like a dog yanked back by its leash, is taken aback by people's disgust with his affections for a dictator:

The Prime Minister is facing criticism for his statement expressing "deep sorrow" about the death of the controversial former Cuban president Fidel Castro.

Justin Trudeau posted a written statement early Saturday after the late-night announcement that Castro had died at the age of 90.

Trudeau remembered the late president as a "legendary revolutionary and orator," and said he was a good friend of his father's.

But some in Canada — particularly members of the Conservative Party — are condemning the prime minister's statement, pointing out human rights violations during Castro's half-century regime.

Conservative leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch wrote on Facebook that Trudeau should have called Castro's administration "brutal, oppressive, and murderous", rather than describing him "as if reading from a story book."

Maxime Bernier, who is also running for Conservative leadership, called Trudeau's statement "repugnant."

And while former prime minister Stephen Harper hasn't weighed in, his son Ben Harper has.
The younger Harper tweeted, "Castro was a monstrous leader, and the world is better off now he's dead."

He also tweeted that Trudeau's statement is "an embarrassment for Canada."

Pierre Trudeau supported both Mao and Castro so it is no surprise that his mini-brained son would, as well.

And as Trudeau is the wretched face of all those who voted for him, are they content with his admiration for a man who murdered his people?

How about it, Liberal voters? Don't Cuban lives matter?

What about when you need fresh towels?

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