Tuesday, November 15, 2016

For A Tuesday

Quickly now...

Oklahoma shooter found dead:

The man suspected in the fatal shooting of a Southwest Airlines employee at Oklahoma City's main airport on Tuesday was found dead in his red pickup truck of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot to the head, police said.

ISIS once again destroys Iraqi cultural treasures:

Fleeing Isis fighters have destroyed precious ancient ruins in northern Iraq as they retreat towards the city of Mosul in the face of the US-backed coalition effort to drive them from the country. 

Most of the militants were pushed out of the area around the 3,000 year old Mesopotamian city of Nimrud over the weekend, Iraqi army officials said, but troops remain wary of pockets of resistance, fighters hiding in tunnels and boobytraps - a favourite Isis tactic intended to cause further damage even after the battle has been lost. 

Monitors have not been allowed access to the main archaeological site yet as it is too dangerous, but local residents in the area 20 miles south of the Isis stronghold of Mosul said that fighters had destroyed almost all of it.

I'm not sure why Trump should ask these irrational attacks to cease when the chief instigators will sit back and watch the world burn... because they're @$$holes:

President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders, Senator Reid and Senator Warren need to engage the anti-Trump protesters vandalizing the streets of Democratic Party-controlled cities and tell them to stop. Now.

We’ve been told over the past election cycle that Hillary Clinton was virtually a born leader who was more prepared to lead this nation than any other American in history. Where is she?

We’ve been told that President Obama is a transcendent figure who speaks for generational and demographic groups that have felt voiceless for our country’s entire existence. Why is he invisible?

We’ve been told that Sanders and Warren and Reid represent the down-trodden and exploited masses who feel crushed by the results of this election and are searching for some level of positive hope in the despair of post-#ImWithHer depression. Where are they?

It’s called leadership. ...

For months, Obama, Clinton, Sanders, Warren, Pelosi and the entire elite power structure of the Democratic Party (as well as a few Republicans) have been warning the American public that Donald Trump was the second coming of Adolph Hitler. They guaranteed the Democrat grass roots that his supporters were “deplorbale” brown shirts ready to ring 1930’s style fascism to America.

These histrionic warnings were a calculated political strategy. Rather than paint a positive vision for America under a proposed President Hillary Clinton, the decision was made to terrify voters about the prospects of the dark and evil life imagined under President Donald Trump.


It's easy to fool the gullible. It's even easier to get them to upend violently what was achieved democratically.

Also: the Democrats had a disastrous election. The axe must fall:

More than two dozen House Democrats have asked their leaders to postpone this week's leadership elections in the wake of the 2016 election that saw Democrats fall far short of the gains in the House and Senate that most expected.

Led by Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, at least 25 Democrats have signed on to a letter officially asking Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California to push back elections scheduled for Thursday.

Calling last week's elections "devastating," Moulton wrote in his unsent letter, "It is evident ... that the difficult situation in which our caucus now finds itself requires a much more extensive conversation between members and our elected leadership."

Moulton is not challenging Pelosi, or calling for her removal as leader of the House Democratic Caucus. But another group of lawmakers is seeking to oust her, and have suggested Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, as a replacement.

The laziest @$$hole to ever occupy the White House suggested that Hillary just didn't try hard enough:

Obama — about to hand off the presidency to a man whom he declared temperamentally unfit to serve — pointedly declined to endorse Clinton’s own explanation for her defeat, instead suggesting that the former secretary of state’s failure to “show up everywhere,” not just the big diverse cities she targeted in her final campaign push, proved to be her downfall.

Dr. Ben Carson refuses a post in the Trump administration:

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a former 2016 Republican presidential candidate who is an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, has opted against accepting a Cabinet position in the Trump administration, his spokesman said on Tuesday.

What Trump faces internationally:
First things first. You need to get real about Russia.
No more “resets” or “bromances.” Vladimir Putin is not your friend.

He is implacably hostile to the U.S. and Europe for one simple reason. He recoils from the expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe, just as we would have done had the Soviet Union won the Cold War and expanded the Warsaw Pact to Brussels and Amsterdam.

So Putin pushes back anywhere and everywhere he can. The handful of countries in his backyard that haven’t yet joined the European Union and NATO but might some day—Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, and Moldova—must either bow to Russian hegemony or suffer the consequences.

Read the whole thing.

PM Hair-Boy is off to visit his uncle Fidel, Canada's economy is in the toilet and the most pressing thing the House of Commons needs to worry about is this?

The Liberal government is repealing what it calls a "discriminatory" law that makes it illegal to have anal sex under the age of 18, unless it is between a husband and wife.

(Sidebar: who are you grooming, pervies?)

We need a revolution.

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